August, 2018

Eagles premiership contenders

UNITED Yeelanna walked away with a hard fought 34-point win over Ramblers who could not find a clean path to goal all day.
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A lush Karkoo Oval greeted the sides on a near perfect day for football.

United Yeelanna were without stars Zac Glover, Casey Carr and Bryce Breed, all having injury concerns, and Ramblers were without Shawn Fitzgerald and Mitch Dennis, and Shannon Minhard was given a run in the Reserves.

Eagles had the perfect start and totally dominated the first quarter.

They were all over Ramblers andwithin four minuteshad a goal to veteran Kade Dufek who kicked a trade mark classy rover’s goal.

Adam Murnane found space inside 50 and banged another goal and Ramblers were all at sea.

Eagles’ midfield dominance was unreal with Michael Crettenden, Jaxen Norton and Xavier Watson combining well.

For Ramblers,George Pedler kicked a goal after a free kick, then it was a blitz of goals for the Eagles.

They went on and kicked another six goals through Matt Dyer, Michael Crettenden, Aaron Watson, Jarred Manners and a long captain’s goal to super star Xavier Watson.

Eagles 7-1 to Ramblers 1-3

The Eagles dominated possession for more than 20minutes in this quarter but Ramblers withstood the barrage and went on a late scoring spree kicking four goals in five minutes.

The elusive Wes Bilney kicked a long bomb and when he goaled again the game momentum had swung back to Ramblers.

After Kit Williams scored and they managed to hold United Yeelanna to just four points we had the makings of a great game.

Eagles 7-5 to Ramblers 5-6

The game was played at a fierce pace with young, son of a gun, Jessie Rule dominating his wing along with fellow winger Harry Ford. They took it up to the Eagles.

Ramblers’ and Eagles’ tackling was not for the faint hearted as every ball was contested but the cream rises to the top and when Eagles’ Michael Crettenden and his brother Stephen Crettenden both goaled it gave the Eagles breathing space.

Eagles 9-8 to Ramblers 6-6

Eagles once again dominated the centre square with Jaxen Norton and Michael Crettenden unstoppable.

The only resistance come from Ramblers’ veterans Jock Blacker and his trusty side kick George Pedler, who both continued to hit in hard.

Wade Starke continued to mop up down back along with Jarred Daish, Rob Shirley and Michael Franklin -the only Ramblers to show any real pluck.

In a prelude to the second semi-final, this was an very entertaining game with both sides resting keys players and both sides playing players out of position at times.

Eagles fought out a 34-point win.

Best: Eagles: Michael Crettenden, Jaxen Norton,Kade Dufek,Ricky Skinner, Xavier Watson, Tim Kidney and Matthew Watson;Ramblers: Jarrad Daish, Michael Franklin,George Pedler, Rob Shirley, Tysan Mickan and Wade Starke.

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Operating on the heart that is damaged

We woke recently to the news that an 85-year-old priest in France had been murdered while carrying out a church service.
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His throat was cut (beheaded according to some reports) in the presence of regular parishioners and a group of nuns by a teenager.

It was the day after news broke of the shocking mistreatment of a young man in custody in the Northern Territory, and of video footage being captured of a staffer in a nursing home attempting to suffocate a resident. This was certainly not the first Christian being killed because he was a Christian in recent days, nor was this the first report of abuse in custody, or even of a health worker taking the decision to end a person’s life.

But what interests me is our predictable and ineffective response. There are inevitably calls for tougher laws, and lengthy investigations as to why these things happen, but in the end we actually know what is wrong, and it isn’t as simple as our education, laws, and procedures. What is wrong is that people have sick and damaged hearts.

Jesus said “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.” (Luke 6:45), and he also said, “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.” (Matthew 15:19).

This is why Jesus didn’t seek to lead a country or an army or simply teach morality. He said that he came “to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45).For sick and damaged hearts we need appropriate care, and for hearts filled with evil, the only right surgeon is Jesus, bringing to bear the scalpel of grace, forgiveness and love.

Faith does matter. Rules only deal with the external, they don’t deal with the heart. The great hope for humanity actually lies with God – the God who said through the prophet Ezekiel,I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.(Ezekiel 36:26)

Murdered: Father Jacques Hamel, the 85-year-old priest who was killed when two armed men stormed his church in a suburb of Rouen in northern France.

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President’s Trophy and B grade win for Dahlitz

CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND ONE: A grade winner Lynn Lemmey-Secker, 102/79, president Liz Blacker with President’s Trophy and B grade winner Fiona Dahlitz, 98/70, C grade winner Tiff Firth, 109/74 and nine-hole winner Ronda Glover, three.MOTHERNature was again very kind to the Cummins Golf Club women for their competition day last Wednesday.
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The sun broke through, the breeze dropped out and there wasonly a tiny little shower of rain.

It was perfect playing conditions for the first round of the Cummins District Community Bank Club Championships and the President’s Trophy.

Players were ranked according to grade and handicap for the day and paired by the tee stewards into A, B and C grades, as well as the nine-hole stableford game.

The course is looking magnificent with two of the boundary fences running along with a full flowering canola crop.

It’s a sensory feast to play a round of golf on the Cummins Golf Club fairways.

Kathy Modra and Claire Holman must have hit straight and true as they power walked their way around the 18 holes and were back into the clubhouse in very smart time.

Ronda Glover took her new putter around with Maureen Maloney for their nine-hole game.

I am told its all hits and giggles with those two on the fairways.

Judy Holman had a birdie of the feathered variety coming up number nine.

All ended well with the bird finding its wings and flying away.

Lyn Lemmey-Secker’s ball had a progressive dribble on number eight scrape.

It seemingly settled on the scrape only to start moving its way in stops and starts to the sand bunker.

It rolled over the lip and dropped in resulting Lemmey-Secker’s sand wedge coming out of her bag.

Tiff Firth hit well along the eleventh fairway to be on the scrape for a respectable three.

A loss of concentration was had and it took three putts to get the blasted ball into the hole.

Playing partner Joan Nelligan verbally spanked Firth for her extra shots and deservedly so as it should have been an easy one putt.

Speaking of Nelligan, she had a humongous putt that dropped very nicely into the cup on 16.

Apparently she was surprised the ball even made the distance let alone found the cup.

Players arrived back into the 19th just as a light mist of rain swept over and the breeze sprang up, which dropped temperature very quickly.

It was lovely to watch the weather from inside the clubhouse instead of being out in it.

First round A grade winner was LynnLemmey-Secker with 102/79 with Leah Carr next best on 103/79. B grade winner was Fiona Dahlitz with a very tidy 98/70 and Carmel Sheehan was runner-up 103/75.

C grade winner was Tiff Firth on 109/74 with next best Joan Nelligan on 111/78.

The nine-holer stableford was Ronda Glover on threepoints and Maureen Maloney next best with twopoints.

President’s Trophy winner was Fiona Dahlitz with her net70.

President Liz Blacker presented Dahlitz with a beautiful camellia from the president’s own garden.

The trophy will be handed over on the club’s windup day at the end of September.

The Eyre Travel Nearest the Pin (NTP) ball for A grade went to Leah Carr for her drive on number seven tee block.

Judy Holman collected the Doug Watson Menswear B grade ball for her lovely drive over the creek on 17.

Tiff Firth picked up the NTPball for C grade.

Novelty chocolate bars were won for the least putts recorded on the cards.

Captain Leah Carr had 32for A grade, Carmel Sheehan had 30 for B grade and Joan Nelligan had 28 for C grade, out-puttingboth the A graders and B graders.

The nine-holer novelty was the most number of two stableford points recorded and Maureen Maloneyand Ronda Glover collected a chocolate each for tying with one lot each.

Tomorrow’s game is the second round of the Cummins District Community Bank Club Championships.

The match committee ison tee duty and hostess duty for afternoon tee.

Men and women club members please note: special general meeting,Sunday, August 28 at11.30am atCummins Golf Club (day of the Cummins Mixed Foursomes) to discusschanging the constitution wording in 12 from“The Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held during the month of October or November”to “The Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held during 1st September and 30th November”.

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Riewoldt stands up

The situation facing Richmond on Friday night was one that demanded strong on-field leadership.
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UNDER THE PUMP: Jack Riewoldt competes with Nathan Brown during Richmond’s win on Friday. Riewoldt’s four-goal haul played a big role in Richmond’s win over the Pies. Picture: Getty Images

Enter Clarence’s Jack Riewoldt, one of the major catalysts for a win that will silence the many critics of the yellow and black, even if just for a short while.

In one of his best outings of the year, Riewoldt kicked 4.2 and had 10 score involvements from 12 touches and six marks after being virtually non-existent in the first term.

Riewoldt’s ability to be a scoreboard threat dragged the Tigers back into the game after Collingwood had started in a blaze of glory.

In the opposition camp, Dodges Ferry’s Jeremy Howe was the extra man in the defence, collecting 17 touches and taking eight marks.

Devonport’s Grant Birchall was his usual cool self off half-back with 19 touches at 84 per cent disposal efficiency,four marks and five score involvementsin Hawthorn’s loss to Melbourne.

At that time George Town’s Toby Nankervis was showingpromising signs in Sydney’s big win over Port Adelaide with 19 hit-outs,14 possessions and five score involvements.

Launceston’s Kade Kolodjashnij collected 20 touches at 75 per cent disposal efficiency, took six marks and had five score involvements in Gold Coast’s loss to Greater Western Sydney.

Devonport’s Ben Brown finished North Melbourne’s loss to the Western Bulldogs injured.

Before jarring his knee in the a marking contest in thesecond quarter incident he had been strong with 1.0 from six touches and three marks.Scans have cleared him of any structural damage.

Lauderdale’s Mitch Robinson tried hard for Brisbane in their loss to Adelaide, with 19 touches (12 contested), six clearances, two marks, 1.1 and four score involvements.Clarence’s Josh Green had no scoreboard impact from 10 possessions.

Maverick Weller, of Burnie, did his bit as St Kilda thrashed Carlton, with 17 touches, eight marks, four tackles and nine score involvements.Lauderdale ruckman Andrew Phillips won 21 hit-outs and collected seven possessions for the Blues.

Burnie’s Lachie Weller had 15 touches, three score involvements and 0.1 in Fremantle’s loss to West Coast.

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Action from Saturday’s Merry Muster rodeo in Cloncurry.THE rodeo season is now in full swing, Quamby last weekend, Cloncurry this weekend gone and the Isa this week coming.
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Saturday was my first experience of Merry Muster and I was impressed to note that along with Mount Isa and Warwick, it is considered among the top three rodeos in the country.

The newly refurbished equestrian centre was looking great, the weather was fabulous and there was a great crowd on hand to watch a terrific day of rodeo action.

Indeed it was a great four-day festival of everything that is good about Cloncurry, the small town welcome, the hospitality, the knowing how to have a good time and the running of a well-organised yet relaxed rodeo.

Kate Taylor made for a charming rodeo queen and she teamed up withCloncurry’s own Miss Rodeo Australia Katy Scott to bring plenty of glamour to the occasion.

And then there wasMC Keith Douglas.

With Keithon the loose among the crowd,you had to be on your toes for fear his hilarious antics would get you into trouble on the big screen.

Eye contact with Keith was best avoided!

Truly a day of great fun.

I didn’t make it down to Cloncurry on the Thursday night for the parade, but I enjoyed looking at our photos from the occasion and it seems the whole town was out to support it.

My congratulations to a hard-working committee for very successful rodeo, which should be a matter of great pride to Cloncurry.

The icing on the cake was the Eagles’ big win over Wanderers on Saturday to keep their unbeaten home run for the season and they are sure to give the premiership a shake and give Curryites more reason to smile.

Now attention this week switches to the Isa and the centrepiece of the city’s annual calendar, Rodeo Week.

There is something on every day this week in the lead up.

And with this wonderful weather, there is no excuse not to get out among it all.

I would encourage everyone in Mount Isa to get behind the rodeo, the same way Cloncurry gets behind its one.

Derek Barry

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