December, 2018

A Sustainable Life: Cool Clear Water

BIG WET: Daylesford has experienced some of its best winter rainfall in years, but residents cannot afford to become complacent when it comes to sustainability.How’s this rain!We haven’t had a winter like this for along time, but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security.
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I’ve been doing some work at Melbourne Water, so I’ve become a bit obsessed with storage levels.

I have to say, I was pretty surprised when I discovered Melbourne’s reserves were at 63.53 per centand central highlands is at 59.10 per centat the time of writing.

We always seem to have abundant levels of water, this area being so lush and green. Even in the harshest times, it seems not as dry as other places – proof again that perception doesn’t always equal reality.

You’d expect that the water reserves would be much higher with the rainfall we’ve received. Since investigating further, I’ve learnt that the ground acts like a sponge and will soak up water before it starts filling the reservoirs.

You can test this theory with a dishwashing sponge –that’s how it was explained to me in the kitchen at work. When you pour water onto a sponge, it absorbs a certain amount before it starts spilling out. We’ve had little rainfall over an extended period of time and as a result the ground has become incredibly dry, so it has to get to a certain moisture retention level before the reservoirs will start filling.

We also have the challenge of our population increasingon weekendswith our healthy tourist industry, sowater captured in our reservoirs is used as demand grows.

All this got me thinking about how much water is required to produce food we consume. I discovered a great site available through National Geographic that lists a range of products and the amount of water required to grow or make them.Here are some popular consumables:

Beef (0.5kg),6810 litresChicken (0.5kg),1773 litresLamb (0.5kg),2769 litresEgg (one),200 litresApple (one),70 litresOrange (one).50 litresWheat (0.5kg), 500 litresBread (one slice), 40 litresCheese (0.5kg), 2273 litresMilk (3.8 litres), 3331 litresCoffee (3.8 litres),3331 litresTea (3.8 litres),484 litresBeer (3.8 litres),2608 litresWine (3.8 litres),3816 litresChocolate (0.5kg)12,000 litresIf you were trying to give up chocolate, there’s another good reason!

All of this puts the persistence of this rain into perspective. It’s really important to not take water for granted, no matter how much is fallingat the moment.

I recently visited Sugarloaf Reservoir near the Christmas Hills east of Melbourne. It’s one of fivecatchments that supply Melbourne with water. When full, it holds 96,253 megalitres of water.

This was put into context when someoneexplained that if this catchment wasn’t continually topped up,and it was the only reservoir used to supply Melbourne, it would last threemonths before running out.

Our Wombat Reservoir might appear to be overflowing at the moment,but it’s really important that we continue to conserve this precious resource.We can do this by:

Following water restrictionsInstalling a water tankBuying water efficient appliancesInstalling a water-efficient showerheadInstalling a grey water systemInstalling a dual flush toiletPlantinga drought-tolerant garden and use mulch to hold moisture in the soilWe can also make a difference by changing habits. This can includetaking shorter showers; turningthe tap off whilebrushingteeth; usinga plug to fill the sink when washing vegetables or dishes by hand; and making sure dishwashing and washing machines have full loads.

The rain will stop soon. Let’s hold onto the water we’ve been granted, because we don’t know when it will be back again.

Michelle Stephenson is a consultant specialising in sustainability with BE Designs. Visit her blog at 梧桐夜网bedesigns南京夜网419论坛/blog.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

The indestructible kangaroo – orphan Cuejoe survives truck crash and eagle attack

Cuejoe’s time ate the Cue police station has come to an end. Photo: Cue Police, TwitterIt’s been a roller-coaster six months for WA Police Constable Scott Mason. Early this year his family suddenly doubled in size with the arrival of his his baby son Theo and orphan kangaroo Cuejoe.
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While both are now thriving it will soon be time to say goodbye to little Cuejoe who will be released back into the bush in a few weeks.

“It’s a bitter-sweet feeling,” said Scott. I have finished all the care that I can give to him and soon it’ll be time for him to go.” Time to say bye to Cuejoe. He’s now socialising with 3 female joeys before release. Dont cry Scott #[email protected]_Policepic.twitter南京夜网/FpM3uBlm5Q— Cue Police (@Cue_Pol) August 6, 2016

The little red kangaroo came into Scott’s life when he was rescued from his mother’s pouch after she was knocked down and killed by a truck.

He soon made himself at home with Scott using his police shirt as a make-do pouch and hopping around after the constable in the Cue police station, 620 kilometres north east of Perth, and travelling with him as he visited all parts of the Cue police region.

But the whole story nearly came to a very sticky end when a wedge-tailed eagle spotted the little roo.

Scott and Cuejoe were on a visit to the remote Burringurrah Community Police Station in May when the eagle swooped over the two-metre fence and carried Cuejoe away.

Scott took off in hot pursuit and when the eagle carrying the joey landed, he managed to scare it off.

Now fully recovered Cuejoe has moved out of Scott’s house and into the home of another couple who are looking two female orphaned kangaroos.

Once they have spent another few weeks together the little mob will be released together on the top of a hill near the township.

For now Scott still visits Cuejoe every day but he misses the little bloke too.

“It’s the little things you miss, like him pawing at your leg because he wants his bottle of milk or when he jumps onto the bed in the middle of the night to get warm,” he said.

Scott won’t be the only one to miss Cuejoe when he moves back to the bush.  The little kangaroo has developed a big following on social media.

After Scott posted his most recent tweet announcing that it would soon be time for Cuejo to return to the bush there were a couple of hundred replies wishing little Cuejo all the best and hoping for occasional updates in the future.

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Eagles outclass City Lions

Chris Miller reaches to win a lineout during Cowra’s important victory against the Orange City Lions on Saturday.
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Cowra captain Chris Miller has breathed a mammoth sigh of relief after the Eagles beat Orange City20-12 to keep its finals hopes alive.

Played at the Cowra Rugby Grounds on Saturday, Cowra recovered from a 12-6 halftime deficit byposting the only points of a compelling second period, in front of a vocal Eagles’ Old Boys crowd.

The game lacked fluency due to some undiscipline play with both sides struggling to win itsrespective scrums and lineouts.

Miller attributed his sides win to it’s never say die attitude.

“The stop and start suited us because they have some quick outside backs and we used it to ourforwards’ strength.

“Because we stuck in the whole game we knew we could win it, that played a big part in ourmindset to win the game… we believed in ourselves.”

Early penalty goals gave the hosts an early 6-0 lead before back to back tries to Joe Lasagavibau firedCity to at 12-6 lead, with Duncan Young converting one of two chances.

The Lions forced two turnovers on its own try line and repelled the Eagles again in the closing stagesto remain in front at the break.

Momentum then swung in Cowra’s favour but the Eagles couldn’t convert pressure into points asthe visitors’ defence held firm.

City’s number 6 Feleti Wolfgramm received a yellow card at the hour mark but it didn’t stop his sidefrom maintaining its lead.

The Lions’ Young missed two penalty goal opportunities to pull further ahead before its defencebroke during the game’s final quarter.

The first of Cowra’s tries came after an inspired kick chase from winger Tom Dewhurst and fullbackJohn Grant resulted in City losing possession inside its own 22m.

After several phases Jimmy Montgomery darted across from the ruck and Alex Webster gave Cowraa 13-12 lead.

The win was sealed soon after when Montgomery’s brother Jeremy scored similarly at the other sideof the posts and Webster’s radar was again accurate.

City coach Steve Hamson said his side looked the better in the first half before surrendering its sixpoint advantage in the second 40 minutes.

“The critical thing was our decision making at the break down we gave away too manypenalties and invited the referee into the game,” Steve Hamson said before talking about his side’sfinal two regular round games against Dubbo Roos and Orange Emus.

“You wouldn’t budget winning either of those.”

Cowra’s skipper Miller said the win gives his side hope.

“If we’re lucky enough to get in the semifinals we know anything can happen from there.”

Cowra 20 (Jimmy Montgomery, Jeremy Montgomery tries; Alex Webster 2 conversions, 2 penaltygoals) defeated Orange City 12 (Joe Lasagavibau 2 tries; Duncan Young conversion.)

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Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin announces new TV series Wild Cards

George RR Martin has confirmed a deal to bring the Wild Cards anthology to TV screens. It’s great news for Game of Thrones fans after the final series ends in 2018. Photo: HBO/Foxtel
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With Game of Thrones heading into its last season in 2018, fans can rejoice that another universe created by George R.R. Martin may be heading to TV screens as soon as next year.

Martin announced on his Livejournal blog that Wild Cards, a long-running science-fiction anthology co-edited by the author, will be made for TV under a deal with Universal Cable Productions.

“Development will begin immediately on what we hope will be the first of several interlocking series,” he wrote. “I cross my fingers that the Wild Cards will be coming to your home screens in the next year or two.”

First published 30 years ago, Wild Cards begins in an alternate history of a post-apocalyptic WWII when an alien virus spreads across earth and causes a series of crippling defects and superpower mutations. The series spans more than 20 volumes and is written by a collection of 30 authors.

Martin describes Wild Cards on his website as a realm “as large and exciting as the comic book universes of Marvel and DC, though somewhat grittier, and considerably more realistic and more consistent. There are thousands of stories to be told in the world of the Wild Cards.”

Part of NBCUniversal, one of America’s largest television networks, UCP has been behind several critically acclaimed television series, including Mr. Robot, Suits, Battlestar Galactica and Monk.

While Martin won’t be working on the series himself, given he is busy finishing off writing the long-delayed novel The Winds of Winter and his exclusive ties with HBO, co-creator Melinda Snodgrass will join as executive producer.

The series’ storyline is still in the works, but there’s one character Martin has guaranteed will feature: “You’ll be seeing Croyd Crenson, no matter shape the eventual show or shows ends up taking. It wouldn’t be Wild Cards without the Sleeper,” he said.

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Girl’s Night In fundraiser a huge success

PARTY TIME: At back from left Tarah Atkins, Deidre Field, Tammie Stephenson, Janice Field, Kerrie Milton, Elisa Kallu-Ozdimir and Rhonda Dunleavy. Front from left Daisy Ussher-Smith, Lauren Anlezark and Courtney Shipley.PORTLAND RSL’s function room was transformed into a Winter wonderland for the inaugural Portland Girl’s Night In.
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The event, organised by Kerrie Milton,was an opportunity for local women to get togetherand raise funds for women’s cancers.

The total for the night was a phenomenal $4005.

The focus of the evening was women’s health, with special guest Louise Maher giving a practical talk to guests.Louise, a clinical nurse consultant for Nepean and Blue Mountains local health district, also answered questions on a variety of topics.

Other special guests for the evening were mayor Maree Statham and Tommy Cripps.

There were balloon pops, raffles, prize tables and more all to help raise money for this worthy cause.After the formalities and a delicious dinner, it was time for the ladies to really let their hair down with karaoke proving to be a hit.

DYNAMIC DUO: Event organiser Kerrie Milton with Tommy Cripps, who assisted with fundraising early in the evening. PHOTO: Laura Pillans.

Kerrie would like to thank the following individuals and businesses from across the region for theirgenerous donations, without which the fundraising total maynot have been reached: First National Real Estate Portland, Coronation Hotel, Portland Post Office, William’s Butchers, Portland RSL, Clare from K-Teens, Leanne from Just Jeans, Allisa from Williams the Shoeman, JL Art, Bake-Table-Tea, Bel Chemise, Floral Designs, Wallerawang Bowling Club, Black Gold Cabins and Mandy from theLithgow Mercury.

A huge congratulations to Kerriefor putting on such a fun and successful event.Now that everyone has had a chance to recover from the fun, they are all eagerly looking forward tonext year.

ENJOYING A GIRL’S NIGHT IN: Melissa Stockton and Allisa Quince. PHOTO: Laura Pillans.

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