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Donating life: time to talk

Join the campaign: staff from Wellington Aboriginal Corporation Health Service combine to raise awareness of organ donation. Wellington Aboriginal Corporation Health Service (WACHS) is urging Aboriginal people, communities and families to have discussions about organ and tissue donation to help end the wait for those in need of a life-saving transplant.
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The call came during the recent nationalDonateLife Week and continues inthe coming weeks.

“Conversations concerning organ and tissue donation of loved ones is not something that is a high priority, and even when it occurs it can be a very difficult conversation,” WACHS chief Darren Ah See said.

“However, at WACHS we want to encourage Aboriginal people especially families to consider becoming organ and tissue donors, to save lives of others who require donated organs or tissues.”

DonateLife Week ran for the seven days up to Sunday.

“To encourage more indigenous people in the region to join the Australian Organ Donor Register online to help save lives, WACHS will be holding a number of events for staff and the community,”Mr Ah See said.

It will host a community information stand for patients in the clinic on Wednesday to raise awareness about what organ donation means and about starting conversations with their families about donation.

WACHS will provide some healthy choices of fruit and water along with information about “Have the chat”and “Organ and Tissue Donation”.

The Tackling Indigenous Smoking team is partnering with DonateLife and the Organ and Tissue Authority to support the Dubbo Waratahs Rugby League Knockout on September 24, in particular the James Ackerman Legacy, and participating in the 2016 City to Surf in Sydney on August 14 to raise awareness.

“Registering on the Australian Organ Donor Register is important though we encourage families to have these discussions first so that they are aware of their loved ones wishes in relation to donating their organs or tissues,” Mr Ah See said.

“With around 1500 Australians on transplant waiting lists today, we need to optimise every donation opportunity to save more lives. We can all do this by joining the register online and sharing our decision with family and friends.”

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$150,000 Facebook post that destroyed a man’s life

The Blue Dolphin Motel. Photo: Emma PartridgeBefore the Facebook post, former deputy principal Kenneth Rothe, 74, enjoyed his life running two small seaside motels with his wife and caring for his grandchildren.
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Afterwards, Mr Rothe was the subject of a brutal bashing that left him hospitalised for six months and his family were so scared they moved interstate.

Now a NSW District Court judge hasforced the man who wrote the defamatory Facebook post to pay $150,000 in damages.

In March 2014 electrician David Scott wrote the following post,asking people to spread the word.

“Pedophile [sic] warning:- Nambucca has been used as a relocation for these monsters – blue dolphin –nirvana hotel and above the Indian restaurant! …Bus stops are right out front of theses hotels for our children?”

Mr Rothewas the owner of the Blue Dolphin Motel and NirvanaVillageMoteland a rentalapartmentin Nambucca Heads on the state’s Mid North Coast.

He sometimes offered crisis accommodation for people fleeing family disputes but emphatically denied he ever housed ex-prisoners or paedophiles under any agreement.

A “devastated” and “distressed” Mr Rothe begged Mr Scott for a retraction and an apology but neither was given to him.

Instead his life was seriously threatened – twice.

There is no suggestion Mr Scott has anything to do with the assaults.

Mr Rothe told the court that just before the first assault someone said to him, “Are you the Blue Dolphin paedophile?”

People started making anonymous phone calls to the motel, some asking for sex, and the Nambucca Valley Crime Information Facebook pagerepublished the allegations.

Judge Judith Gibson found that Mr Rothe was an upright member of the north coast community who ran his businesses in accordance with the law.

“This Facebook attack was made on him out of the blue, with no prior inquiry of any kind by any person,” JudgeGibson said.

“It has had a devastating effect on him,” she said.

“It would be fair to say that the publication of the matter complained of has destroyed the plaintiff’s well-being as well as his peace of mind.”

Judge Judith Gibson awarded a man $150,000 after his life fell apart following a slanderous Facebook post. Photo: Peter Rae

Judge Gibson found there was no factual basis to Mr Scott’s claims, he was an “unimpressive witness” and he had made no attempt to verify the information he had heard from others prior to posting his rant.

Mr Scott argued he was a father who had every right to warn the community about potential dangers because there was a crime wave surging through Nambucca Heads which police were powerless to stop.

Judge Gibson went on to comment about the increasingly common defamatory remarks made on social media.

“The anonymity, instantaneousness and wide ranging reach of the Internet and social media make it a dangerous tool in the hands of persons who see themselves as caped crusaders or whistleblowers, or alternatively want to humiliate or “troll” other members of the community for the purpose of gratifying their own wishes or fears of for the purpose of gaining attention.”

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Land services droving the blues away

Riverina Local Land Services will partner with Riverina Bluebell in a milestone community event, ‘Droving the Blues Away’, with the goal to raise awareness and funds for mental health in rural and local farming communities.
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Heading off from the Henty Machinery Field Days on Wednesday 21 September, cattle donated for the drive will cover 260 kilometres and visit four towns on their way to a charity auction at the Wagga Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre on Monday 24 October.

“We hope the number of cattle donated during August will create quite a sight as we move the mob along the travelling stock routes in the Riverina’s iconic Long Paddock into Lockhart, Narrandera, Ganmain and Brucedale,” said Barney Hyams, Board Member, Riverina Local Land Services.

“At each location there will be free community events designed to get people together and have some fun, while raising awareness of mental health issues and the support services available.”

All funds raised from the auction of donated cattle on Monday 24 October will be donated to respected mental health community-based organisation, Riverina Bluebell.

“Travelling stock routes have wound their way through our rural communities for years, creating a pathway to share stories and create connections, often when seasons had failed,” said Mac Armytage, Chair of Riverina Bluebell.

“Droving the Blues Away builds on this historic connection to provide a great fundraising opportunity, but more importantly, by moving a large mob along the route and creating events at each stop it is a unique way to get rural communities together to talk.”

“I encourage those who are interested, to donate fit, healthy cattle for the drive by 28 August and play their part in droving the blues away,” Barney Hyams said. “Contact Riverina Local Land Services on 6923 6300 to find out more about what is needed.”

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Holden on to an Aussie Icon

Holden on to an Aussie Icon TweetFacebookHerald about a $12 million motor racing circuit planned forthe former Ringwood Park site,nearRaymond Terrace.
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The project was slated to be an international-standard track capable of attracting top-level events.

Paul recalled watching car racing at the Ringwood site in the early 1950s.

“An FJ Holden did 130 miles per hour (209kmh) down the straight,” he said.

“I saw the race.”

He believed it was a record.

He also recalled that this was the impetus for Holden to increase speedometersfrom 100 miles per hour (161kmh) to 110 miles per hour (177kmh).

He said the Ringwood site was “an aerodrome during the war, then someone put a speedway in there”.

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Jesus,Pokemon and JediReader Michelle Jarrett spotted this sign at St Luke’s Uniting Church at Belmont.

“We are a Pokestop. Get supplies outside. Find Jesus inside,” the sign said.

Topics wonders what religion most Pokemon players follow. We suspect quite a few are intothe Jedi religion.

St Luke’s Uniting Church at Belmont is seeking to attract Pokemon players.

In the 2011 census 64,390 Australians marked Jedi as their religion, up from 58,053 in 2006.

“This put the number of Jedi in Australia just behind Sikhs and above Seventh Day Adventists,” a recent SMH article said.

“The Jedi phenomenon began in 2001 when an email campaign mistakenly claimed the government would have to recognise it as an official religion if 8000 people selected it in the census.”

However, the Atheist Foundation of Australia is campaigning for people not to treat the census as a joke.

People who fill in the “other” box in the religion section of the census with an answer such as Jedi were counted as “not defined”, rather than “no religion”.

The Atheist Foundation said thismade Australia appear more religious than it actually was.

However, Star Wars fans insist the Jedi religion has genuine followers.

It had beliefs such as “all life is sacred”, “be kind to others” and “protect the innocent and the weak”.

Sign of the TimesWhat to do with all those campaign signs now that the election’s over, hey?

Perhaps they should be recycledto create a bit of comedy.

This seems to be the idea behind the Facebook page “Just Dave and Us”.

Dave Ewings was the Country Labor candidate for New England, taking on the likes of Barnaby Joyce and Tony Windsor.

The Facebook page has chronicled the adventures of a cut-out from one of his campaign signs.

“Dave fell down a wombat hole. Silly Dave,” one post said.

An image from a Facebook page, which features a busy campaign sign cut-out.

Dave also joins a swimming team in a pool for a recovery session.

He’s even “man enough to wear pink”, according to one picture that shows his cut-outdressed in a pink polo shirt.

“Davethinks he is king of the castle,” said aphoto of his cut-out perched on a pile of dirt.

He’s also seen riding in the back of a ute and getting ready to spray some weeds from a quad bike.

Onya Dave.

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Far West netball first semi final: August 7, 2016REPORTS

B GRADE: Thevenard versus Western United. Picture: Ursula MontgomerieA Grade:Koonibba (44) defeated Ceduna Blues (34)
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In perfect conditions for netball that would test the fitness of both teams, Koonibba were consistently strong in defence with Miller, Carr and Colbung options interchanging. Ceduna Blues were a credit to themselves with accurate shooting after they settled into the game. Both teams interchanged regularly to keep fresh legs in centre. Ceduna Blues goalies worked well together with combinations of Woods, Bennett and Blums under intense pressure. Koonibba goalies were strong onto the ball which saw them continue to hold their lead. By half time Koonibba had drawn away to a 24 to 13 goal lead. The third quarter took its toll on the fitness of both teams and the weather was the winner. But Ceduna Blues capitalised on the heat which started having an impact on the Koonibba team. Mistakes crept into the Koonibba team in the last quarter but their first half lead set them up and enabled them to hold on for a ten goal lead at full time.

Best Koonibba Renee Colbung and Tracey Cox;BestCeduna Blues Kate Thiele

B Grade:Thevenard (43) defeated Western United (33)

In warm conditions Thevenard came out strong and was the first side to settle leading into the first break with a 1 goal advantage. Both sides were very even with similar defensive pressure creating turn overs however neither team could capitalise. Thevenard continued their 1 goal advantage into half time. During the half time break Western United and Thevenard both made a few changes, Western United came out of the break looking more composed and attacking with purpose, however a few bad passes from Westies went astray and Thevenard took full advantage. GS Lahn was such a strong focus for Thevenard with their mid courters feeding her well. Thevenard went into the 3/4 break up by 7.

Thevenard came into the last term determined to win. Westies defenders tried as hard as they could the entire game however Lahn was to strong out rebounding all in the goal circle, giving Thevenard many opportunities at goals. Thevenard continued to put their foot down in fourth term running away with the win by 10. Congratulations Thevenard all the best for the prelim

Best Thevenard Lahn Mickan and Sarah Scragg; BestWestern United Katrina Thomas and Carissa Brown

C Grade:Western United (47) defeated Thevenard (44)

The first quarter saw Western United get a turnover on the first centre pass and quickly score. Both teams settled quickly and the quickly and the quarter was goal for goal as both teams fought hard, Western United lead by 1 at the first quarter. Tight defence by Western United made the Thevenard goalies work hard, but Jo Hillas and Dayna Halls kept fighting and didn’t get rattled to shoot consistently great goals. Thevenard’s strong defence pushed Western United goalies to the edge of the ring to shoot, but this didn’t faze Lee Dunn as she shot some great long range goals, Emily Kelsh shot equally as well. The tight and close game continued as both teams felt the pressure of goal for goal scoring. By the end of the third quarter Western United wee two up. Thevenard kept fighting to score a couple towards the end of the quarter, Jo Hillas shot a penalty goal after time to draw the game. Going into extra time Western United came out firing in the first 7 minutes and had a comfortable lead of 3. Thevenard made a change with fresh legs in the centre and despite getting closer Western United’s strength saw them winners by 3 goals.

Best Western United Lee Dunn; BestThevenard Jo Hillas and Dayna Halls

D Grade:Thevenard (52) defeated Koonibba (14)

With the Ice Age gone, the spray tans patchy and after some interesting one on one warm up poses by the Thevenard coach and her girls, all the players went out strong. First quarter saw Koonibba’s goal keeper come off the court with injury, and with no reserve, it was a major disadvantage to their team. Second quarter was time for Thevenard centre to take to the court – literally face first on the ground and injuring her wrist – contrary to her promise to the coach to “tuck and roll”! The last half was a lot of hot potato play with many of the girls playing what looked like air hand ball. Koonibba’s injured player came back on to finish well in goal shooter, with good defence by their younger players. Thevenard proved to be stronger (after all their warm up poses), winning the game.

Best Thevenard Gretel Anderson; BestKoonibba Nonnel Lawrie

JuniorA:Thevenard (31) defeated Koonibba (17)

Thevenard started strong with 2 quick goals. Koonibba worked hard through the centre but found it hard to get the ball into the goal ring. Madison and Cara showed great skills in Thevenard’s attack. Koonibba adjusted and lead by 1 goal at quarter time. The second quarter was tight with both teams fighting for the ball. Thevenard’s defensive pressure stopped Koonibba from scoring. Half time score saw Thevenard 15 and Koonibba 9. In the third quarter, Thevenard kept up their momentum scoring from their centre passes. T’Keya worked hard in Koonibba’s attacking end shooting accurately, Ella was consistent on the wing always offering and used a strong voice to support and feed into the goalies. Thevenard kept the lead at 3 quarter time 24-14. Fourth quarter Koonibba didn’t give up. Both teams contested for the ball. Molly made timed intercepts in the mid court. Madison and Cara continued to work hard in Thevenard’s goal ring. Thevenard held the lead to win by 14.

Best Thevenard Madison Hillas andMolly Inglis; BestKoonibba T’Keyah Ware

Junior B:Ceduna Blues (25) defeated Koonibba (10)

In perfect netball weather the girls took to the court in high spirits. The first quarter was a very low scoring one with a lot of turnovers from both teams. Ceduna Blues up by 3. The second quarter saw Ceduna Blues saw Ceduna Blues settle quickly and get a run on leading by 7 at half time. The third quarter saw Koonibba lift defensively to outmatch Ceduna Blues, but midway through the quarter, Ceduna Blues hit their stride again to regain control. Last quarter began and ended very scrappy, lots of turnovers from both teams frantic for a win. Ceduna Blues had enough of a lead to hold out for the win Great game by both teams.

Best Ceduna Blues Shanae Haseldine; BestKoonibba Shontaya McIllwraith

Junior C:Thevenard (23) defeated Koonibba (8)

Koonibba started the game with only 6 players on the court and Thevenard took advantage leading at the first quarter 6-1. Koonibba came out with a full team in the second quarter and scored the first couple of goals. Thevenard resettled and their goalies shot well to maintain a 5 goal lead at half time. Makayla Glover was picking up a lot of balls in GD for Thevenard and Indi Halbert provided strong drives through the middle of the court in centre. Koonibba defenders worked hard all game to win the ball for their team, but Thevenard were too big and strong on the day, running out winners by 23.

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